Laundry, Luggage, and Luck

Off to Turkey in, like, a day.
I’m very excited.
I’m doing laundry and everything to prepare for packing tomorrow and then flying out Saturday night. It is an eight hour flight (ish) to Istanbul, for which I have mixed feelings. I mean, I love flying, but I am worried about spending eight hours straight sitting next to my grandmother. She is a very powerful personality, whom I love of course, and am very grateful to for this opportunity to go to Turkey at all… but as most people would likely tell you, I am not what one might call a powerful personality. She is on occasion very, utterly and completely overwhelming (read: she talks. A lot. Like, incessantly).
Methinks I shall be spending a lot of time “asleep”, which is quite ok with me. I want to be totally rested for our arrival.
They say you can’t really know yourself without knowing your roots, so this will be quite the learning experience. My grandfather – who was born and raised in Turkey – and I were very close, and it will be wonderful to see the cities he saw, the roads he walked. Granted, today’s Turkey is very different to his, but it’s still the same land, and the same geographical space. Besides, he fit into the Turkey of his day; we’ll see if I can find my place in the Turkey of mine.

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