En Route & Landing

I had a lovely long post set up, but for some reason my draft decided not to save. So here we are.
I am currently at the Conrad in Istanbul. We flew direct from Toronto to here. Nine hours direct, if you were unaware, with a 7 hour difference. Woo. It is 1030pm here.
From the little I have seen of it, Turkey is beautiful, and I feel at home here. The call to prayer is haunting when you hear it in person. Those who know me know how much I’ve always felt at least a little out if place in Canada, and here I feel like I’m not alone. Which while it sounds strange, is true.
I got into the line for Turkish Airway, and my grandmother pointed out how she was the only one with blonde hair and blue eyes, and then the plane just solidified it; I was amongst people that looked… Iike me. I saw the same nose, the same eyes, everything, and I felt so at ease. I’ve always been surround by every other culture – which I love, don’t get me wrong – but I’ve never fully known what it felt like to fit in. Made me think a lot about why I am so interested in diaspora studies. That is, the pros and cons of a diasporic world.
Maybe I’ll have to try to see if I can come to Turkey as well one day to work.
As I have not slept in at least 24 hours, I am exhausted. Tomorrow is the sil markets and the Green Mosque for which I am mightily excited. I love mosques. I brought a scarf special just for the occasion.
I am very excited.


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