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Day Five, Part The Second: Where a Turkish man asks to move to Canada with me, and we attend a Turkish Culture Show

Right; so where was I?
Right, bought a carpet.
So, we departed from the carpet place, and proceeded to a photo stop atop of a cliff overlooking the rock houses that have been preserved. It was – I am becoming a broken record here – beautiful. The bus driver (I am currently blanking on his name, but it means “happy” in Turkish) took my photo, which was very nice of him. A lot of them are still lived in, by the way. They are cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and if you need more space, either build up, or cut into the rock. After this, we moved onto another photo stop. At this spot, there was a shop. I took a few more photos, and wandered into the shop, where a young man approached me, smiled at me, and said, I have a present for you. He pinned a blue bead onto my top, and asked me my name. I told him, and he said I look very Turkish (like so many others have). I said I was, and he followed me around. Asked me where I was from, if I saw anything I liked, and if I had a boyfriend. I said not really, no, and he asked why, all shocked. I said I just didn’t. He asked if he could be. I said it was a little far – from Turkey to Toronto – and he said we could go there together! He asked t take a photo with me, which I did, with my camera. Am thinking it would be a nice gesture to send a copy back to him, but I don’t know his name. The only way I suppose would be to give it to Daghan, but I feel that would be inappropriate, and I would feel very silly and sentimental. I know he was just being cute to a pretty girl (I know, my modesty is showing. I guess I just feel prettier here because by body type is more admirable here. I even saw a mannequin my shape!). Anyways, so I started touching a belly dancing belt (which I would have bought except we ran out of time) and he pulled it down for me, and clipped it on. I did a quick belly dance pose and hip flick, and his eyes, and the eyes of the other young men, nearly popped out of their heads. He said he would put on music and I would dance. I said no, but he went to change the music. We were beckoned to the bus, so I clipped it off just as the music changed. I waved, and said next time. One of the men said see you again, and we waved.
And that was that.
It was quite possible the best rest stop ever.
So, after our lovely photo stop, we visited the underground city, which was very cool. We went down to the fifth level, we were around 40m down. They are also very short; I could only stand up in a few of them, and I am only 5’3″ (ish). Our guide, Daghan, who is 6’2″, had to pretty much crawl. It is facinating, though, because not only do they have wells, wineries, and very good air ventilation, they also have millstones that were used as doors with holes in them for spears, niches in the corridor walls to help you know where you’re going, as well as traps (holes in the floor you would fall down if you were unfamiliar with the routes. On a touristy note, after we were out, I found a birthday present for one of my girlfriends whose birthday it was yesterday. I would say what it is, but she reads this, and so she’ll have to wait til I’m home to know what it is. I am, however, very excited about it. Pretty certain she will love it.
After this, another photo stop, where I bought cotton haram pants (aka the comfiest pants I have ever owned. They’re a little sheer so I need to wear tights under them, but damn. It is like I am not wearing pants. Seriously. So comfy. Might (read: am going to) buy more before I leave.
Back to the hotel we went, and I wrote up the last thing. I am starting to feel claustrophobic from being around people constantly, so it was nice to hang out (sort of) by myself, write, and listen to music. I was in the lobby, but it was alone enough for the moment.
We got on the bus around eight. Daghan told us to dress “casually dressy”, so I wore the harem pants, a camisole, and a scarf I bought the other day. I may or may not have overheard the driver and Daghan comment I looked nice, but they were speaking Turkish and so I have no idea. They could have been talking about the weather for all I know. I just thought I heard my name, and they both smiled at me, but they are both very courtious. Either way, I like the way I look tonight. I thought it was fitting, anyways, given that we attended this evening a show of Turkish dancing.
Turkish dancing is, if you didn’t know, a very interesting mix of Kazakh dancing, Zorba, Greek, belly dancing, Raki, and so on. That is to say that Turkey/Anatolia is a melting pot of cultures. All the performs were very good, the belly dancing was a little too sexual for me (I should clarify that I have no problem with sexiness; I just had a moment of wondering if it took away from the cultural-ness. Perhaps my heritage is just really sexy). I mean, it could be sexy. But maybe it should not have been so much sex. You know?
All in all, however, the show was very entertaining, and I learned a lot. It is, as I may have mentioned, very interesting to see my heritage played out in front of me.
Anyways, so that is about it. The day was full, and I am bloody tired. And I will be up way early for THE BALLOON RIDE.
I am excited.
But oh so tired.





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