Day Six, Part Two

So, after we got on the bus, we departed Cappadocia and began our trip to Konya. This day was long.
First, we stopped at a pottery studio, where we saw how they make those super-ornate plates and jugs. It is, it should go without saying, artwork. One of these plates, cost roughly 19,000USD. One. Just one plate. It was so amazingly ornate. This is the kind of thing you hang, not eat off of, but there were a few you could eat off that were just as spectacular. As well, there were plates that glowed – they’d used phosphorescent paint to highlight the design. Very cool.
I wandered around like it was an art gallery ( which it pretty much was) and forced myself not to buy anything. Next time I’m here, I will.
Besides, there is a leather factory coming up, and it there is something I like, I’m investing. My pleather jacket needs to be replaced.
After the pottery place, back on the bus we went to the Caravanserai of Sultanhani, roughly translated into the camel palace. What it is is is basically a stop along the silk road. People would stop here, rest, and trade. The would have three days free room, board and Turkish Bath. The only condition was that any trading done, you had to pay interest to the sultan, who owned the compounds along the road. It was very cool. All around we’re old farming tools, and because it was so well preserved, you could wander all the rooms, stable, mosque, and marketplace, see the various carvings, and everywhere were artifacts from farming and living from long ago.



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