Day Eight

Today was our leisure day, but I managed to pack a lot in there. It began with a cruise and a swim in the Mediterranean. Our boat had pirates on it, which was adorable, and the water was like bath water. And so very buoyant. We passed a few waterfalls, and the rock formations were lovely. There are caves along the walls, too, which look like they would be very cool to explore. A nice Australian lady from our group took a few photos of me, which is when I realized my shyness comes out in photos of me. Every time I took a photo of myself, I was confident, shoulders back, etcetera; when someone else takes a photos of me, I sort of huddle inside myself, shoulders in, shy smile. Must work on that.
I would like to note I am writing this on the bus, and just saw a gentleman with his foot up on the dash and smoking while driving a big truck.
Anyways, so swimming in the Mediterranean was glorious. And the boat ride was quite nice. I did not, it would appear, inherit my grandmother’s delicacy towards sea travel. After this, we wandered a bit through the old city, and stopped for lunch at a little side cafe. I and chicken kebab with hot pepper.
Apparently, I like hot pepper now. Who knew?
We then made our way to a museum (whose name escapes me at the moment), where only a few of us got off, myself included. This is where we saw the statues that were originally at Perge. Oh, man. This museum was fabulous. I the first room, there was a little diorama of the history of the area, from before Perge all the way to modern day. It was a wonderful way to show the timeline of the area. After this, there was a lot of pottery and gold. The entire middle of the museum was statues and sarcophagi. There were a lot of statues of the Greek and Roman gods, as well as notable people and emperors. We saw Hadrian, the Muses, Aphrodite, Septimus Severus, Zeus, Diana, and a whole host of others. The last bit of the museum covered Turkish tradition, so clothing, weaponry, pottery, house layout, caret design, and all those cool things. There were even a few full sized recreations of houses and campsites.
After the museum, which was brilliant, an older couple and myself took a cab to the hotel. I indulged, figuring I’m in Turkey, and went to the hotel spa for a Turkish bath and a massage and a body/hair treatment. It was ok; I imagine for someone who actually likes spa things it would have been nice, but I have never done a spa thing before, and I discovered I am not particularly fond of it. I think I just dislike people doing things for me.
After the spa, grandma and I wandered around the hotel a bit, had an aparitif (not so nice white wine; it was bitter, and it was corked) and then dinner. After that, I reorganized my bags, and slept.






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