Day Nine

Almost caught up! Hurrah.
So, we departed Antalya, which was sad. It is very beautiful there.
Didn’t sleep very well. Gma had the AC on at 15 or 16 and I woke up shivering a few times. Was exhausted, but at least my hair and skin are extra-soft post-spa!
We had a very nice breakfast, though tummy bug is making my appetite disappear a bit. Next was a very long drive to Pamukkale – about three hours. During the drive, our guide bought the bus Turkish Delight, which was very nice of him, though funnily enough, I don’t actually like Turkish Delight. The texture to me is like a gummy marshmallow. We were pulled over, and the bus driver had to show the officer the black box in the bus. Basically, it records the speed the bus travels. Which is a very nifty idea, I think. The guide, Daghan, handed an old one around, but I was sort of curled and half asleep, so they just passed it around me. I definitely napped a good chuck of the drive. Also, when we stopped for lunch, my Gma insisted I have something, so she ordered Turkish pizza for both of us. I only managed to eat about half of it, and though we got it in a takeaway package, I didn’t eat it. We did eventually make it to Pamukkale, and the Cotton Castle, which is absolutely lovely. Huge snow-white rock formations with water running down the sides into pools. It is said to have healing qualities. If I recall (honestly, I was half asleep) it is made up of CO2 and a few other things. I shall google and get back to you.
I didn’t wander around too long. It was hot, and I felt blah. I ended up lying down on a park bench while my Gma chatted to some girls at the table next to us.
On the bus ride back to our “best…available” hotel, a tractor almost bumped into us, as the roads are narrow and curvy.
We arrived at the hotel around 5, and I went to bed. I slept until about six in the morning.
Still feeling a little ick, but definately feeling a bit better. Hence why I’m writing now rather than napping.
And now we are en route to Aphrodisias.
And now I am caught up.
Heck ya.


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