Day Seven

Our first stop today was Aspendos, “the best preserved Roman theatre in the world”. They still use it for ballet and opera. It is spectacular. I’ve seen ruins of Roman theatres before, but this one takes the cake. I climbed all the way up to the top and just wandered. It was spectacular to be able to see exactly (pretty much) how it would have looked back in its time. A few of the frescoes and statues and etc. were gone, but it was overall in excellent condition. See: the photos below.
After this, we drove to Perge, a Hellenistic/Roman city. This was incredible. Absolutely incredible. You could even see the chariot ruts in the streets, and the colorful mosaics on the ground. They are working on rebuilding quite a few parts, and they are still working on uncovering huge parts of the city. As it was, though, we saw the water systems, including the water god at the head, the theatres, and baths, the walls (two layers), the shops, the homes, and the marketplace. You could really envision what it would look like if it were a living, thriving city. The intricacy of the carvings – even the small gods on the columns – were beautiful. Later, we would see many of the statues that were taken from this site in a museum, but even without the ornate statues all around, the grandness was overwhelming.
After exhausting ourselves at Perge, we stopped for lunch, and then made our way to our hotel in Antalya. The “Crowne Royale”.
Oh sigh.
Randomly, there was a massive aircraft carrier sitting in the sea in front of the hotel. Like, way out, of course, but still. Not sure if it made me feel safe, or more in danger. This, of course, after we have had news of fighting in Syria.




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