Day Six, Part Three

The delay is only partially my fault; we had no Internet at the last stop.
After the Caravanserai of Sultanhani, we made our way to the Masoleum of the founder of the Whirling Dirvosh sect, Mevlana. We wandered a bit; I had asked a few questions about Islam, and he brought me ahead to add a bit about what we’d been taking about. I think I need to work on my shyness; I have quite a few questions for him, and I was apologetic when asking yesterday, but I’m unnecessarily shy, and it is frustrating.
Doesn’t help that he is 6’2″ to my 5’3″ish, and very broad and loud to my pettiness. Not to say he is purposefully intimidating; only incidentally so.
So after our wander, we spent the night in Konya, which wasn’t bad. Like I said, I was bloody exhausted. Grandma thought I was out of it, and I felt totally out of it, so up to bed I went. Asleep by about eight thirty, slept til eight am. Might be coming down with a tummy bug (yes, I still say tummy bug).



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