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We interrupt our regular programming….

Today is going to be my final post in Turkey. The next one is going to be the summary of my last full day – which was indeed full – and my trip home, which I will write on the plane and post in Toronto.
It has been a whirlwind of adventure, ladies and gentlemen. I have without question fallen in love with this country. I have learned so much, and of course met many wonderful people, both as part of my tour and not. I have felt at home in a country I have never seen before, and I cannot help but hope that my life brings me back here again.
I have done a lot of growing while I have been here, and I will be making a lot of changes when I get home. I have, through being away, found my place. I fit in here, and so maybe the joys of Canada are not how I try to fit in, but how much I should appreciate the culture I bring to the country, and should revel in my differentness. It is hard, sometimes, being different, but now that I have learned all about my heritage, and have found the place I feel I belong, it will be a whole new experience living in a country where I do not belong – and that is the glory of it all.
I will post about the changes I intend to make at a later date, but for now, as much as I am sad to leave this place – and leave the five star experience, of course – I am looking forward to being home with my friends and family. And my cats.

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