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So far as the trip posts go, that is pretty much all, folks, though I will have a bit more to say about it once I’ve given myself some time to get back into the swing of things and digest a bit. For now, as promised, some things that are going on in my life that I am changing.
First off, I handed in my two weeks notice to the job I have had for the last two years. Thins job has seen me through the latter half of my undergraduate degree at U of T, as well as the… shall we say chaos of the breakdown of my last serious relationship (almost three years, a marriage proposal and a few other things I would rather not make public out of respect for my ex). As well, it is where I met my current roommate, and made many friends. The helped me out of my shell, and I did indeed learn a lot. As I said in my official resignation letter, I will look back fondly on my two years with the company.
Also, I have been in a constant state of trying to get my landlord to take my money, because I want to take possession of my new apartment. I want to start painting and whatnot but he and I have utterly conflicting schedules. It is frustrating. I even have the whole design scheme ready, just need to buy the paint and the bed. Which I won’t bother doing until I get the place, because goodness knows nothing fits in my current flat.
I have applied for the “Bootcamp” at my new school, which is basically Orientation 2.0. I cannot wait to get my ID card (though hopefully the weather is better this time; my U of at ID was heinous) and start classes. The only thing in this I am still annoyed by is that I have not been able to get in touch with the program coordinator to supplant my English class (which I have been exempt from, thank goodness) with French. Hopefully I can get that resolved rapidement. I really want to take French this year.
I’ve also gotten back into reading more, which is a damned relief, let me tell you. When I was at school, I read a lot of course, but barely had time to read things I wanted to read.
Feels good to read for fun.
I can hear every English major ever asking, “Reading… for fun? Is that even allowed?”
There is more, like my new journal that I bought ages ago that is made in Italy that I spent way too much money on but smells like new leather and was totally worth every penny, and probably something about how I’m getting my hair done soon by my favorite hairdresser whom I’ve been going to since I was like six – seriously, he is not allowed to retire, and no matter where I move, he is doing my hair for my wedding – and a few other little things (Build-a-Bear on the 11th!) but it is late and I work tomorrow. Interesting to think I have a finite number of shifts left there.
Very exciting.
Always, to bed with me. I’m sure I will manage to figure out a topic for next post soon; it seems my life is in a pleasant state of flux at the moment. Besides, I promised photos and editing.
It’ll happen.

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