Day Fourteen: or, the last full day; or, where the heck did time go?

Alright, guys.
Final stretch.
We can do this.

Our final day in Istanbul was our “highlights tour of Istanbul”.
We began with the Hippodrome, which is where they used to have horse chariot races. Today it contains an obelisk, and pillar and a statue. The statue is very interesting. It is three snakes. One day, a delegate from another country came and got very drunk and climbed the statues and chopped off its heads. The next day, his head was chopped off.
Fun times.
Anyways, after this was the Blue Mosque, which was very beautiful. I had my headscarf, but they also requested I wear a skirt over my tights and a shawl over my t-shirt. Was bloody hot.
Haghia Sophia was next, and it was absolutely spectacular. The dome is 33×30′ (ie not a perfect circle) of freestanding awesomeness. The paintings and mosaics are perfectly preserved because they had been covered up when the church was converted into a mosque. Now that it is a museum, they are uncovering everything. The artwork is spectacular, and I spent ages wandering around. Even just as an architectural and engineering piece it is spectacular.
After Sophia was lunch, and then Topkapi Palace where many a sultan had once spent their time – much more time after the harem was built. Fun fact: once the harem was condensed – that sim rather than the wives having their own houses, they all lived in one place – the empire began to decline because the sultans began spending more time with, and pandering to, their wives. We wandered the treasury, and the armory which was really cool. The palace itself was very peaceful. I bought turquoise prayer beads and apple tea.
We also visited the Grand Bazar, which was cool. I bought a scarf, a drum for dad, and a ring. I had to be a bit forceful because this one guy tried to sell Gma a coat when she clearly didn’t want it. However, it would appear she is very bad at saying no, so I had to do so for her.
I did notice that our guide was a bit distracted (understandable, as his new wife is in Istanbul), but it was the last day and we all were getting pretty tired.
We had dinner in the hotel restaurant, and drinks on the roof.
Random; my Gma is pretty sure she and my grandad stayed in the make hotel room as we were in, and knows that they have had drinks on the rooftop before.
This made me both happy and sad.
We went to bed reasonably early, packed in the morning, and were off to the airport by 1030am. watched both Iron Mans as well as Captain America during the flight.
I’ve feel on a Marvel kick for some reason.
I miss it.
Turkey, that is; not Marvel.

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