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Movement and Reconciliation

To begin, I’ve realized something.
All of my blogs eventual die at some point because I fall behind, and then I give up because I feel bad for falling behind. Silly, I know, but it happens. So I shall try to a) not fall behind and b) if I do fall behind, I won’t give up. I imagine a similar philosophy will help with the whole school work thing. I read an article once discussing good business ethic, and one point was if you’re late, apologize for being late and then move on. If you harp on it, you’ll never get anything done.
So this is me, not harping on it.
Lots has been happening of late.
As I mentioned, I quit my job this week. Or, rather, I had my final day. They were very sweet about my departure. Literally; they gave me a giant cookie. It was fabulous.
Earlier this week, one of my girlfriends began her move out to the East Coast. I am in B withdrawal. I mean, of course I want her to have fun and have a grad adventure and such. And it isn’t as if I can talk, given my first year of university I was in Europe. But still. I spent the night at hers before she and her stepdad started the drive out, and it was very sad. She has been keeping us – the group of friends she left in Ontario – updated on her progress, and I can’t help but look forward to my next epic adventure.
And, of course, look back on all the others I’ve had up to this point.
I am a firm believer that one cannot regret. If you regret, you hold yourself back from achieving great things. Get stuck in the past, you’ll never have a future. Interestingly, this is one thing I learned from my breakup with my last ex, with whom I had stopped communicating until very recently. And when I say very recently, I mean, like, yesterday.
We had a complicated end to our couplehood. Both of us made mistakes, as young people are wont to do. Both of us realize our mistakes (or, it seems as such. We haven’t talked a whole lot yet, so I can’t entirely speak for him), and we are both willing to look forward rather than harp on the past. I am not, of course, saying that I would ever consider a relationship with him again, but perhaps we can emerge on this side of our disaster as the friends that we were before it all began. Or, at least, be on better terms than we were post-relationship apocalypse.
This made me think, too, of the things I am looking forward to in the next while. If I harped on the fact that I basically took a four year degree when I could be graduated and working in what I actually want to do right now, and didn’t do anything about this fact, where would I be? Miserable.
Instead, I’m moving into my own place, attending the school of my choice, in a program I am itching to begin. I have my back to school shopping list of cooking sets I need to get at the school shop, including my chef whites and etcetera, and I am so excited. As well, starting Tuesday is orientation. I’m scared, to be honest. I’m likely going to be one of the middle-aged students. I’m also horribly shy, and a little small. From what I’ve heard, culinary is full of big personalities. I hope I fit in. Or, rather, I hope I can find my place.
On an exciting note, not only did I finally get in touch with the folks at my school – meaning that I can indeed take French (trés bien!) but I finally got ahold of my landlord, and I am currently in the midst of moving into my very first one-bedroom apartment. Even went furniture shopping today (oi, Ikea). A few friends have helped me along the way (you know who you are, you wonderful ladies, you), and tomorrow, my mum and dad are going to be helping me put up bookshelves, and move all my new furniture into my newly painted apartment. My bedroom will be almost complete.
I am so freakin’ excited.
I mean, I still have one or two things more to buy – a mattress, mainly, and a shower curtain to go with my blue paint – but it is coming together, and it is almost unbelievable that I have reached this point. Only a few years ago, I was wondering if I would ever make it out of highchool alive. Then, I wondered if I could survive university. Now, not only am I surviving, I am thriving.
It is curious how much one can change in so little time.

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