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It Begins

This was written in multiple parts over the span of today. I began while waiting for my first orientation course to begin.

Part the First

Well, here it is. My first day of orientation. I’m listening to the folks around me and thank goodness I’m not the only older person here, but there are still a lot of high schoolers (as in, people just coming out of high school). It feels funny to be older in a class like this. Like, obviously older. Thankfully, I look young, but then maybe that isn’t a totally fabulous thing. I look like I could be coming out of high school, I suppose, but I mean I didn’t really fit in in high school because I was too mature (this isn’t a tooting my own horn thing; it is a legit problem. I had very few friends). How do I expect to fit in now when I’m four years older and a fair bit more experienced than a few of them. I’m going to reiterate that I don’t think this makes me “better”. I’m legitimately scared that I won’t be able to make friends or anything. Part of this is my fault; I’m very shy, and at the moment I’m writing I’m waiting for orientation to begin. With any luck, classes will be better. From what a friend of mine told me, the classes are very hands on (stating the obvious, I would hope) so you do actually get to know people. The other thing I wonder about is the whole gender thing. I’ve heard culinary is full of men; I would be interested to know how many men and women are in the culinary program. I can’t imagine I’m the only one, but I would be interested to see the numbers.
Another thing that is interesting right now is that I am officially doing the shift from the name I used as a child and teen to what I have been sort of transitioning to – Farrah – since I began university. Farrah, meaning “bringer of joy” in Arabic (aside, it would be really cool to learn how to write Farrah in Arabic) is my legal first name, but my parents have called me by my middle name forever. This will take some getting used to. And it will be funny to bring my new and old groups of friends together, since my oldest friends call me by my middle name, and my new will know me as Farrah.
It is confusing for my friends on Facebook; I can only imagine in real life.
As a fabulous aside, I bought my kit yesterday. The kit includes my knives, other kitchen stuff, and my course texts. The only thing I need to get – which I intend on getting today – is my chef coat, slacks, shoes, and apron/muppienes/hats. This excites me a lot. The chef hat is going to be fun, though I guarantee you I’m going to feel a little shy about wearing it for a while. I tried on the coat and etc. yesterday, but they didn’t have my size. The gentlemen that helped me assured me if I came back today they would get a shipment. I am very much looking forward. They are so comfy.

Part the Second

You know, as excited I am about being in this program, I’m a little – not quite disappointed – but a little impatient that I’m not going straight into baking/patisserie. It is what I’m passionate about, and I know that taking culinary arts is going to be a wonderful introduction into baking/patisserie, but I’m just impatient.

Part the Third

It keeps occurring to me how different, and yet how the same, college and university students and administrations are. I’ve been comparing the two all day in my head all day.

On an exciting note, there is a peer tutoring program here. The school pays 12$/hr for peer tutors. I am totally going to apply today if I can. It would be the perfect solution to my dilemma – I don’t want a job, but I don’t want to use OSAP for extra stuff. Also, it will give me a place to use my English academic skills! Love it when things work out.

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