Long Time Gone

Things have been pretty crazy, so I’ll not bother to harp on an apology. I want to focus on school; if this suffers a little bit, so be it.

School has been an absolute dream. I’m learning so very much, and making so much delicious food (or not so delicious…). I’m also working, and making connections to help with my future career, and that makes me obscenely happy. What I’m thinking I might do to combine what I’m learning with this is review the recipes we make on here. It’ll be a process to be constant with it, but I feel it’ll help a lot, so look out for that. Sadly, I’m not doing desserts just yet, but I’ve been learning a lot of really nice dinner menu type things so they’ll be delicious at any rate. So, without further delay, here is a Ballantine of Chicken Legs we made for class last week, photos pending.

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