On Employment: A Brief Rant

Hello there gentle reader.

Today I’m going to go on a bit of a rant.

According to stats Canada, the total average expenditure was approximately $30,000 higher for those who were spending on university. Our tuition isn’t exceptionally high, but it’s still higher than it’s been, while offering less value for the price. That is to say, less student-professor interactions, less classes, and less job prospects coming out of it. As you might imagine, Ontario has the highest number due in part to some of the highest tuition fees in the country.

According to Georgetown.edu, as a person with a degree in the Humanities and Liberal Arts, my full-time job prospects offer a median earning of approximately $47,000 annually [http://cew.georgetown.edu/whatsitworth/].

What I want to know is where exactly am I supposed to be finding this job?

As a person just coming out of school, I am able to get the following jobs without issue:

–          Retail. Approx.. $10.25/hour, or $19,200/year.

–          Secretary. Approx. $13.00/hour, or $24,000/year.

–          Door-to-door sales. Approx.  $8.00/hour, plus commission. Minimum $15,360/year.

Where the hell are the jobs that pay a livable wage?

My resume is impressive, gentle reader. I have a BA Honours in English, Religion, and Philosophy. I have taken courses in hospitality, and have had ample experience in retail, tutoring and customer service. I do volunteer work when I am able. I work hard. I apply to tons of jobs. Where are the jobs that provide me with this amazing sum of money not yet known to my bank account?

According to U of T’s career site, these are the jobs available to me as an English major [https://www.careers.utoronto.ca/libResource/_english.pdf]. Do note that under one of the “alternative” careers is florist.

Wrap your head around that, dear reader. I went to school and spent more than thirty grand so I could be a florist.

I would like to call bullshit, ladies and gentlemen.

According to McGill, I can use my religion degree for a lot of stuff, too: http://caps.mcgill.ca/handouts/whattodo/religious_studies.pdf.

As a student of philosophy, apparently I can do anything. http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/Philosophy.htm Most of which requires more education. And more money. With no guarantee of a job. Because I won’t have experience. Which I need to get a job.

Inception: Employment.

I find myself becoming extra cynical of late due to my job searching. 

Even if I weren’t married, the compensation a lot of the jobs I’m finding pay is not enough for a person living alone to live. Or, if they’re enough to live, they’re only just enough to live, and very few of them are applicable to a lot of the degrees I and my peers are getting.

My one friend just finished her MA in History; she’s looking for retail jobs.

Another friend finished her degree in social work, and she’s still working for her family’s real estate office as an administrative assistant.

Why didn’t I just get a job out of high school? I might have been a manager in an Indigo by now. And not in debt.

I have no problem with working hard, or with starting from the bottom, as it were. Everyone starts somewhere, and obviously I don’t know everything. Frankly, I would be happy if I could find a job that would take me at the bottom of the ladder; at least then I’d get the experience required to reach the top someday.



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