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Fifty Shades of What the F—-.

So, I kept telling myself I wouldn’t do this, but I’ve given up.

I’ve read them. And I really dislike them.

Read: I hate them.

And I’ve been looking for a project to do, so why not.

Gentle reader.

I am going to read with you Fifty Shades of Grey, one chapter a week.


There are actually other reasons I am reading through this. This book embodies pretty much everything I hate about relationships, and the culture that surrounds gender roles in our society. Also, I take it personally that a woman this successful has written about an abusive relationship and yet doesn’t listen to people who’ve suffered at the hands of abusers when they tell her Christian reminds them of their abusers. He certainly reminds me of mine.

That said, this is also going to be an exercise in reading with an open mind. Let me note that I don’t have any sort of issue with a woman fantasizing about anything. I – overshare! – have a wide range of sexual fantasies that are not what one would necessarily call “vanilla”. That said, when you tell me your rape fantasy and then tell me I’m wrong for saying it’s a rape fantasy and insist it’s consensual sex… that I have an issue with.

Here goes nothing, I guess.

Is it a bad omen if my thoughts upon opening the book on my iPad is “ugh”?

This was a bad idea.

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