All You Need is Love

This Friday was Valentines Day.

There’s a whole history of where Valentines comes from, but I’m not going to get into that today. Today, I want to talk about Valentines Day, a day that is marketed as a day for love.

I know that Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday; a holiday that exists almost purely so that card companies, restaurants, florists, jewelers, and the like can make a large amount of money in one fell swoop. I love my husband every day of the year, just like I love my friends, and I tell them so. Why do I need a day specifically designated to do so with cheap trinkets and store-bought cards?

What I like about Valentines, even though I express my love pretty often, is that it’s a day not just to love, but to celebrate love. In a world filled with animosity and jealousy and hate, we have a day that is specifically made to celebrate the most beautiful emotion we experience. That horrible ache in the chest, that happiness that borders on sadness, that horrible, wonderful drug that makes us do stupid things. Love is wonderful, and if we had a little more of it in the world, maybe we’d be a little better off.

So even though this Valentines Day is officially over, spoil your significant other, send your friends flowers, or occasionally some stupid texts, just so you know you’re thinking of them. Tell your family you love them. But also take time to remind yourself you love you, and try to find that part of yourself that can maybe love the rest of the world.

Now, that sounds really optimistic, and I know that. I’ve worked in customer service before, and I spend most of my time away from my house, so I know how horrible people can be. I’m a member of the internet community – of course I know how horrible people are. Doesn’t mean that, as human beings, we shouldn’t have some sort of regard for the rest of the world. If there were a little more love and a little less hate – well, the Beatles will tell you.

Love is beautiful, and we should fill our lives with beautiful things. If you can’t afford diamonds, or chocolates or even a bouquet of roses? Well, guess what – love is free.

That’s all for today, but keep a weather eye for 50SoG Chapter 5 coming up soon, along with some other exciting things.

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