Dear Writer

[Today’s writing prompt is to write a letter from one of my characters to myself. Let’s see how it goes.]

Dear Jacinta,

You want to make me really badass, and I get it. I am pretty badass, after all. I’m foxy – literally! – and I can kick some serious ass with my kitanas. But that’s the problem, J. You’re trying too bloody hard to make me awesome when I’m already awesome. Sure, I’m your first seriously major character since your writing break, but still. Must you try so hard? You know me. You don’t need to force me into things I’ll do on my own. You hate it when people do that; just think how much it sucks for me! I don’t have autonomous being. I’m stuck with you. So do your damn job and let me be. We got this, so stop trying so hard. Calm your shit.

Every time you sit down to write me, you take me way too seriously. I might make you famous one day, but I might also just be this kickass chick you flirted with this one time on your way to fame. If you don’t let me do as I do best, you’re just going to stick yourself in a rut of trying things on and not being satisfied with anything and that’s not fun for either of us. I mean, I like trying things on as much as any other person, but it’s getting ridiculous. You spend all your time doodling me in your little notebooks in outfits and scenarios and that’s cool and all but come on – just let me out to play. We’ll figure it out together, just you and me. And Morgan. If you’re into humans with attitude, whatever. I guess we can hang out. Just make sure she gets her ass in line, hey? I won’t have some stupid kid following me around.

See you ’round,

Alexis Mayfair

PS I don’t care if you want me to be you. I’m tall and willowy. Get over yourself, shorty.

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