Writing Prompt: iPhonus



So, I’m walking through the park, right? It’s just a regular sunny Tuesday and I’m enjoying my first warm day off since last September, which is pretty exciting itself. I even found an empty bench where I could sit. When I went to change songs, I dropped my phone, and when I went to pick it up, I noticed another phone just next to mine. Being a good samaritan, I picked it up. I’d meant to just open up the phone to check see if I could find who it came from so I could bring it back to them. I really did. But when I unlocked it, I found something spectacular.

I’ve never been a huge believer in magic. Yeah, I thought it was cool and everything, but believing there were actually wizards and fairies running around? Not so much. This phone, though; this phone’s apps were not what I was expecting. It had all sorts of things I recognized from fantasy books: Wizard Chess, Reparo, iApparate, Accio. Seriously, could a person be more of a nerd?

For argument sake, just in case, I tapped Lumous, and instead of a flashlight like I’d expected, a small ball of light appeared ahead of me. It floated for a time, like it was waiting for something, so I shoo’d it away towards a tree a few yards away – and away it went.

I was, as you might imagine, a little shocked. Balls of light don’t follow direction. Hell, they don’t even exist. I tapped the Lumous button again in shock, and just like that, it disappeared.

Now, it was probably really stupid of me, but I had to know if it really was what I thought it was. So I hit Felix Fecilious.

My body tingled, I felt lightheaded, and I knew that moment that what I had done was the best thing I could ever do. Standing, I glanced down at the phone: a map had appeared, a bright gold ball pulsing on the far side of the park. I walked quickly, trying to be inconspicuous as I crossed sports fields and fences. Whatever was at the other side of this park was exactly what I needed, what I wanted.

Soon, the orb on the map appeared close, and as I crested the hill, my eyes set upon a woman sitting serenely on a rug beneath an old willow tree. I slowed, and approached her, smiling in an attempt to be non-threatening.

Hey, I called, stepping beside her, I think I found your phone.

She smiled at me, and held out her hand to receive it. Yes, you did.

The moment I set the phone in her hand the light-headedness wore off, but my hand continued to tingle where hers had touched mine.

Care to join me? she asked, gesturing to the tartan rug. I have more than enough for two.

Yeah, I did. Really, really badly. Want to, that is. But a thought in the back of my mind reminded me that if it was her phone, it meant she was a witch.

It’s a cool phone, I commented, sitting beside her.

Easier to carry around than a wand, she laughed. Besides, do you want owls accosting you every few minutes?

So you’re…


A witch or something?

Or something. But I promise not to turn you into an aquatic amphibian. Her eyes sparkled, and I lost my breath.

You know, when I opened that app, I didn’t know what I’d find.

And did I disappoint? 

I brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and ran my fingers down her cheek. That Apparate button work as well as the Felix one?

The answer was yes.






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