Writing Prompt: Writing a Character Profile

I’ve talked about the novel I’m writing a bit, so here’s a sneak peek at one of the protagonists.


  1. Name: Alexis Mayfair
  2. Age: 182
  3. Species: Half Kitsune, half human.
  4. General physical description: 6’1”; cropped white hair. Angular features. Molten honey eyes. Ramrod posture.
  5. Hometown: Rural Japan / Edge of Faerie
  6. Type of home / neighborhood: Until she was in her 20’s, she lived with her human father and fae mother in a human village.  Theirs was a spacious home with traditional Japanese architecture. After her father’s murder, and her mother’s death, she became a nomad of sorts. During her time with the Department, she lives in a home that is similar to that of her childhood; traditional Japanese architecture, and just on the edge of faerie.
  7. Relationship status: Single.
  8. Current family: All deceased.
  9. Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.): Her parents were married for a very long time, faithfully. Her father was murdered by a jealous wind spirit. Her mother died of sadness, and willed her Fae magic to Alexis upon her death.
  10. Friends: Many, though none close. She is attractive, and is well able to manipulate people, and has lots of connections in high – and low – places.
  11. Other close relationships: She holds respect for the head of the Department, as well as a few underworld folk she has encountered.
  12. Relationship with men: She is Asexual, but well able to manipulate any gendered person for her own agenda.
  13. Relationship with women: Above.
  14. Job: Department Taskforce – she often goes undercover to investigate larger crimes and organizations, as well as “acquisitions” (kidnapping), and occasionally assassination.
  15. Dress style: Varies; classy with a touch of edginess. Her hair is angular, cropped just above her jaw, and pure white. She is never seen without a sleek fox coat. She always carries a minimum of three obsidian knives on her person, and most often is seen sporting a pair of obsidian katanas, as well as throwing knives.
  16. Religion: None, though as a fae herself she holds knowledge of the power of nature.
  17. Attitude to religion: She is very cynical. Hates when humans use it to justify hatred against fae.
  18. Favorite pastimes: Practicing with her katanas; reading, mostly non-fiction. Skulking.
  19. Hobbies: Gardening, and bee keeping.
  20. Favorite sports: Fencing; riding.
  21. Favorite foods: Lamb and honey.
  22. Strongest positive personality trait: Fiercely loyal to those who earn it, and always repays her debts.
  23. Strongest negative personality trait: Holds grudges; vengeful and wrathful.
  24. Sense of humor: Sarcasm; very dry.
  25. Temper: Very hot temper when provoked.
  26. Consideration for others: Can be empathetic to families or children. Otherwise, is often dismissive or even cruel.
  27. How other people see him/her: Intimidating; cold; violent; untrustworthy; vain.
  28. Opinion of him/herself: Likes to think she doesn’t care; that she is just in it “for the ride” as it were. She is very vain, and holds it to be true that her power is exceedingly great.
  29. Other traits, especially those to be brought out in story: Her fierce desire to destroy those who hurt those who are unable to protect themselves.
  30. Ambitions: Comfort; entertainment. She has no particular need for material wealth, though she does collect it, because she realizes the status of having it; she enjoys her “work”, but also enjoys spending time alone.
  31. Philosophy of life: Life is pain. Enjoy it.
  32. Most important thing to know about this character: She’s not nice, but she isn’t as cruel as people think.
  33. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? They may not like her, but they’ll respect her.

More to come soon!


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