Thoughts on Working Out

Exercise is one of those things that our bodies need. Back when we were hunters and gatherers, or even farmers, we didn’t need to go out and exercise because our lives revolved around physically working at things we needed to survive. Now, as I sit here with my computer on my lap like so many others, those things I need to do to survive are no longer nearly so strenuous. The most effort I need to exert to get food is walking to the grocery store. It is imperative nowadays that we go out to exercise just for the sake of doing what our ancestors did incidentally en route to survival. The human body evolved to be capable of physically amazing things, but also evolved to conserve energy when it wasn’t being forced to be active to survive because, well, because it needed to to survive.

As much as I want to be healthy, no matter how often I start getting into working out – be it on the elliptical, jogging, yoga, Wii Fit, whatever – I have a horrible time keeping it up. I believe the longest I ever went was two months with the Wii Fit after I returned from my year abroad, and that was an attempt to purge my body of the deep fried caf food I had to subside off of. .

Part of it is the fact that, frankly, I – like many people – am very bad at doing things I have no interest in doing. I love going for walks and jogging, flying kites, hiking, and swimming, but going running just for the sake of running? Not so much. Doing yoga because I’m stressed? Definitely. Doing it every day because I should? No, thanks. I’m stubborn, and even though I know I’ll be getting a longer, healthier life out of it, I am seriously bad at making myself do things I don’t enjoy. I’m a writer. I like writing. Know where I like to write? Sprawled out somewhere where there aren’t people. Bed is a great place for doing this.

That said, there is one thing I can do that I enjoy that might give me that extra incentive to exercise: I like walking, and – fun fact – I also really enjoy photography. I mean, I enjoy a lot of things, but photography is one that I don’t really do much of. I have a pretty nice camera, but other than my trips abroad, I haven’t really gotten it out and taken it for a spin stateside (is there a term for that, but Canada-centric?).

So, here’s the plan: along with blogging every other day, my secondary goal is to take photos every three days (minumum) and post my favourite one here.

My logic here is basically to incorporate healthy activities with my blogging, thus creating a network of things that’ll help me physically, and also mentally. Walking down to the lake as a teenager helped me write a lot, and it also kept me in relatively decent shape. I’ve never been supermodel thin or anything, but it kept my body healthy and helped stave off my asthma. It also helped the words flow. So, maybe if I get myself out and walking down by the ocean, those words will come back with the same energy they did then.

Maybe that’s the trick to it; finding what you love to do and giving it some sort of physical spin so that it’s not so much working out as it is just doing that thing you love, but also happening to move around while you’re doing it.

What do you do to help you get active every day?

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