Photo Update the First

Husband and I were locked out of the house, so I was forced to keep my promise!Image

Came across these beauties all along the boardwalk. I accidentally knocked one of the flowers off, so naturally I picked it up and pressed it in my journal. Because I’m from the Victorian era like that.

While we were down there, I spotted a grandfather and his two little granddaughters playing in the sand. He was very white, and they were not. It made me think of his generation and how hard it may (or may not) have been for him to accept his child’s marriage to a person of a different race. 

Or maybe he was a trailblazer of his time, and his was one of the first mixed-race marriages in his neighborhood.

I really should get out more; if one walk with my husband could spark that, the possibilities of what I could do alone are boundless.  

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