To Vlog, or Not to Vlog

One of the things I’ve had suggested to me is that I start a vlog to go along with my blog, be it reading my blogs out loud, talking about books I’ve read, or something else. I’ve been considering it, of course, because I want to put myself out there, and build a name for myself, and all that jazz, but then I think – do I really want to sit in front of a camera once a week or whatever and just…. talk? Can I do that?

Blogging is somehow different for me than making a video. With a video, I need to try. My natural inclination is not to talk; it is to write. Writing is something I do for fun, and if someone reads it, great. If not, whatever. A vlog, though; a vlog I would have to actually make an effort, you know? I would want to put on makeup, probably. I would need a place to do it so where the lighting is good, and the camera picks up my “good side”. I would have to maybe write a script, or practice. It just seems like a whole lot of work for something that I really am not sure would help me, and I’m not sure I would enjoy.

I say all this, of course, but I’m still thinking about it. Why? Because there are a few things I know I would get out of it, even if no one ever saw these videos. First off, it would force me to learn to be more eloquent in my speaking. As it is, I stutter a bit, I speak quickly, and I occasionally lisp (braces are the bane of my early adult existence). This is in part because I really just don’t talk all that much. I talk to specific people – certain friends, Husband – but besides that, I’m not what you’d call a social creature. It wasn’t until quite late into university that I learned how to hold a conversation properly. Granted, a vlog is not a conversation, and I did score top of the class in my highschool Presentations class (it was a tough battle, R-Dubs) so public speaking isn’t really my problem, but maybe it would make me more mindful of how exactly it is I present myself. Heck, it might even teach me about myself.

Dear Readers, some of you have YouTube channels, some of you watch them. Perhaps you hate them with a passion. Have you any thoughts that may sway me one way or another on this front?

One thought on “To Vlog, or Not to Vlog

  1. I would definitely watch your Vlogs – I would rather watch Vlogs or listen to podcasts than read blogs. But that’s just me!

    Please do let us know if you start a Youtube channel, we will subscribe to you!



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