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Alexis and Morgan – The Beginning

I keep going from one project to another, and while I feel really bad about it sometimes, I really am quite excited about both of them. News From Away is plodding along – though not as quickly as I’d hoped, nor as linearly – but I hope you enjoy this excerpt from the other piece I mentioned awhile back. This is the one I am debating turning into a graphic novel if I can find someone to work with me, if I don’t just publish it as a book and then if it’s popular, get it made into a graphic novel later on. I know, I know. I’m being really ambitious here about my first real project, but if I’m not ambitious about everything I do, then…. I dunno. Also, I really would like to see this as a graphic novel. I feel it would be super badass.



The Chase

Her breath was beginning to fail her, but she kept on. Morgan had been chasing the same man for blocks now, and he seemed incapable of fatigue.

“Stop, police!” she shouted again, following him down a narrow alleyway off the main drag. Glancing ahead, she saw a huge chainlink fence. Betting that would stop him, she pulled out her gun. “You’ve got nowhere to go.”

The man kept running until, at the base of the fence, he jumped.

Although he didn’t quite make it all the way to the top, his first leap got him half way there. Shocked, and knowing she couldn’t make it even half way up the fence, she pulled the trigger.

“Oi,” said a voice in her ear, making her jump. Looking aside, she came face to face with a slender shoulder. Higher up was a pair of teasing grey eyes and luxurious chestnut curls. “Won’t be needing that, luv,” the woman chuckled. “Allow me.” With a wink, the woman walked towards the fence and shook it. “C’mon, Jerry,” she called. “I don’t feel like chasing you, not in these heels.” She looked back at Morgan, shrugging. “They’re new.” Jerry was near the top, and it took only a moment for him to look down at the woman and pale. “Be a dear and come down. You wouldn’t want to make a girl ruin her new shoes, would you?” Jerry held himself aloft for a moment, leg half over the chain link, looking down warily at the woman. His eyes flitted to the other side of the alley, and the woman’s eyes darkened. “I wouldn’t do that, Jerry.”

The two had a standoff, Jerry straddling the fence, and the woman with her eyebrow cocked and a half-smile on her lips. After what felt like ages, Jerry slowly lowered himself down to stand in front of the woman. “Your point,” he said to her, holding his wrists out.

She smiled, and withdrew a plastic zip tie from her coat. “Maybe next time, Jerry.” The woman led Jerry over to Morgan, whose gun had not fallen until Jerry was restrained. “He’s all yours,” the woman said, handing the man over. “I’ll be seeing you.”

“Hey, wait,” Morgan replied, reaching out for the woman. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Lex,” she replied, giving a small salute. “Catch you later, Morgan.”

It wasn’t until later, after she’d booked Jerry into the station and made her way home, that Morgan realized – “How the hell did she know my name?”

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