On Writing Goals

I feel it’s important to have goals. This ties into my prior post on pride, but mainly it’s important to have things with which not only to measure your successes, but to give you direction. Therefore, here is a list of some of my professional goals as a writer, more outlined specifically (and realistically) than just “Have Neil Gaiman’s career”.

1. Write an episode of Doctor Who/Sherlock/Something Equally Awesome: I love writing screenplays – indeed, am working on a few – and if Doctor Who is still running (!) when I make more of a name for myself, it is a dream of mine to write an episode.

2. Publish a graphic novel/series: I’ve spoken briefly about this one already. My Alexis/Morgan world would be awesome as a graphic novel series, and I would love to see it illustrated in print. I love the depths one can create combining words and pictures, and being part of a project like that would be seriously sweet.

3. Publish Poetry: Fun fact – I write poetry. I don’t publish it, because… well, I’m not sure how good it is, really, but I would love to publish a book of poetry one day.

4. See my book in bookstores: Publishing online is all well and good, but I couldn’t live without my hard copy books, and to go an entire career without publishing something in book form would be very sad. I’ll print it with a printing press if I have to!

5. Write articles for… something: I’m not sure what sorts of articles I want to write, but I want to write some sort of a column somewhere. Obviously, along the same lines as this blog, but with a more tailored subject.


6. Be published in the New Yorker. That was the thing I was missing.

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