My Unrealistic Christmas List

Christmas is coming up, so people keep asking me for what I want for Christmas. I’m making a list up, but it’s difficult because quite honestly there isn’t much in the way of little things that I want. So, in the spirit of the holidays, here is my wish list of things would love to receive as gifts.

1. My husband’s immigration.
2. My OSAP paid off.
3. Graduate school tuition and supplies.
4. A gaming laptop.
5. An all-expense paid trip to Disney for my girlfriends and I.
6. A gym membership with a trainer.
7. A car.
8. A new wardrobe (for after the gym membership paid off).
9. A house/condo.
10. A puppy.

I feel rather boring having such practical things on my dream list of Christmas things, but there you go. I like to think that it also means that as Husband and I become more successful, it’ll be easier for us to afford the big things we want since we aren’t especially frivolous on little things, which is a nice thought. I guess one could say I should just work for these things – and I am – but that’s not really the point. Boxing Day and Black Friday – and even Christmas, now – exhibit how much we value stuff, but when you get right down to it, I feel like it’s kinda important to remember the big goals in life.

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