My *Actual* Christmas List

Tis the season, and quite honestly, between getting the plague (not actually) and visiting with everyone, I have had approximately zero time to write anything but – you guessed it – an actual Christmas list. So, peek inside, Santa, because here’s some stuff that I won’t be buying myself anytime soon, but I certainly wouldn’t begrudge sitting under the Christmas tree.


1. Tabletop Glass Fireplace, via Etsy.

This thing is adorable. You can have a mini marshmallow session without a chimney, or just feel extra cozy all the time. I wouldn’t buy it for myself because really, who needs a fire all the time, but if it was given to me – especially with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate – I would positively be on that like marshmallow goo in hair.

2. I Have No Ideas And I Hate Everything Mug, via Etsy.

For those really horrible days when writer’s block is kicking my ass, this mug encompasses everything a girl could possibly want in a horrible day mug.

3. Cute Cat Mug White/Black, via Etsy.

It’s a mug. Shaped like a cat. That you can customise. Need I say more?

4. The Most Elegat Butterfly Teaball Enfuser, via Etsy.

It’s a teaball attached to a pretty butterfly. And I love butterflies.

5. Teal Aladdin Tumbler, via David’s Tea.

This travel mug allows you to lift the tea if you can’t get away to remove the basket, which is awesome, because I’m seriously bad at remembering to remove tea, which results in really, really strong tea.

6. White Teamolino, 12oz, via David’s Tea.

Different travel mug, also allows for the use of loose-leaf without having to get tea all over my fingers from leaving the bag in too long.

7. David’s Perfect Spoon, via David’s Tea.

It’s a spoon to measure tea with. Why can’t I just use a normal spoon, you ask? I do. That’s why it’s on my Christmas list, and not in my kitchen.

8. Basically anything from David’s Tea, via David’s Tea.

Especially Cream of Earl Grey, Eggnog, and Irish and English Breakfast looseleaf teas. Because I could drink those all day long (and have!).

9. Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds (Red/Black), via BestBuy.

My earbuds broke, and these are my ideal choice of replacement.

10. Infinity giftcards for Chapters/Indigo. 

I will never, ever, ever have enough books. Ever. I guess Amazon would do, because then I can get them on my Kindle, but… I love books. Like, actual books.

So those are ten things that I would actually love to get, not including the thing I have been hinting at Husband to get for me, funds permitting, but really, I could get nothing and get to hang out with folks I love and that would be ok, too.

I know. I’m a sap for the holidays.


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