Operation Reunite the Shoops

Today I met with the immigration lawyer. He seems like a pretty up and up kind of guy, so we’re going through with that, and it is at this point I’m going to throw something out at you that, as my lovely followers I would love you even more for.

I’ve created a gofundme for the fees required for the immigration process, and if you’re able, I – and my husband – would appreciate your help. The rewards are pretty cool, and include blog shout-outs, thank you notes, home-made cookies, scarves and book boxes, as well as a home cooked dinner for two or a baking lesson.

Thanks for reading, guys. Below I’ve included the description from the actual GoFundMe page, again found here.

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jacinta. More than five years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Brandon, the man of my dreams. Unluckily for me, he happened to live in the US while I live in Canada.

Almost two years ago we were married, and since then we’ve been trying to rectify the whole not-living-together thing. We applied for his papers while he was up here, but the paperwork was lost somewhere along the way. We have to refile, and so this time we’re doing it right. We have contacted an immigration attorney, and are in the process of putting his papers together to to apply for his permanent residency, this time from outside of Canada.

Unfortunately, living apart is expensive, and lawyers even more so. That’s where we’re asking for help. Between the lawyer, the government fees, and the medical expenses it’ll take about $4000.00 to get Brandon into the country. We’re both working full-time, but putting together 4k in a month and a half is stretching our resources a little bit.

Every little bit helps, and with every donation we’re closer to being able to live and work in the same country.

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so very much for your support.


Jacinta & Brandon



Guys. Thank you so, so much. The number of shares and views on this post is incredible. You guys are totally, utterly awesome.

Because you’re so awesome, for your enjoyment, here’s a drawing of some characters I draw for my husband sometimes on cards and stuff giving you flowers and a card.



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