The Year of the Dog

I don’t actually know if 2015 is the year of the dog, but I want it to be. I’ve wanted a dog for a while now, and I have come up with a bunch of reasons that getting a dog is a really good idea, and as my final post of 2014, I would like to share these reasons with you now.

1. Dogs are super adorable, and I’m super adorable, so we would work well together.

2. Dogs are energetic, so having one will give me a good reason to go for walks. Going for walks by myself feels weird and moody; going for walks with a dog is totally justified.

3. Dogs are unconditional love machines, and as such they’ll always be a good companion for my really bad days, especially for when Husband is not around.

4. Dogs are bigger than cats, so I can roughhouse with them without feeling like I’m going to break them.

5. Dogs are not babies, but they’re something to love and take care of, which I like.

6. Shelters are full of doggies that need love. I have lots of love. This is a perfect combination.

7. Dogs are awesome at helping me not stress out because they’re so full of excitement for life.

8. Dogs are not babies, part 2. A puppy will be a great lead up to husband and I having children one day in the distant future.

9.  A dog will make me feel safe when Husband is at work and I am alone at home.

10. Because I want one. 

But seriously. On the one hand, as a responsible pet person I want to make sure we’re financially stable when we get a dog

On the other hand, they’re so gosh darn cute!

Happy New Years, all!

And if you’re looking for something else totally cute, you should check out our GoFundMe. Because, in my humble opinion, Husband and I are totally cute, too.

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