A Brief Thought on Writing

I always have trouble writing with contests in mind. There’s one coming up through the Toronto Star that I’m going to enter but, honestly – I have no idea what to write. I could use a prompt or edit one of my older stories, but that seems ingenuine and I have absolutely no idea why. I mean, that’s writing.

Maybe I find it ingenuine because I don’t really think I’m “good enough” to be published yet? I don’t know. I mean, I still have a block where I feel the ideas flow from. Sometimes I feel like I can feel it sitting there in front of the stream of ideas – literally sitting there like a boulder in a river – and until I can push it away I won’t be able to truly write what or how I want.

Thing is, though, there are other ways of removing boulders. Even writing now it occurs to me that erosion, though slow, is a lot more effective than pushing against something you have no hope of moving. Maybe that’s the point of the “write every day” advice. You slowly erode the path which allows your thoughts and words to flow without hindrance.

By the way, speaking of writing every day, I have been, but it’s been mostly work-related things. I’ll still be writing my two posts a week but chances are some of them – like today’s – will be snippets until I can get myself more balanced between work-writing and writing-writing. Also, filling out immigration paperwork (!!) takes a surprisingly long amount of time, so hang in there while I get myself on the ball again.

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