“I’m not dead yet!”

Dear Readers, I’m not dead, I swear. The following has happened in the last month: – I was given more hours at work – I entered a writing contest – I was given a chance to audition for a contribution position for a video game – I (think?) I GOT the position for said video game (ahhhhhhh!) – I travelled up from Delaware to Toronto (after getting snowed in thrice) – I moved to Ottawa – I started my job full-time (and had to buy clothes for it) – Both of my laptops died, simultaneously (well, one died, the other can’t connect to wifi and I need it to hold on just a little longer til my new one arrives) – I arranged for a physical trainer, to commence next week, though I’ve started my own routine in the meantime – I started a Shadowrun campaign with friends – There’s probably more that I’m forgetting, to be honest What I’m saying is, I’ll be back soon with regular updates. It’ll probably be once I actually have a computer again. Hopefully sooner. Love, FS

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