Myriad of Music

Way back in high school, a group of guys would get together and jam at my parents’ house. At first, it was classic rock, blues, and punk covers. Then, slowly, new songs started creeping in between sets. Mother Leads the band didn’t form until 2008, but  from the first time I heard them play I knew they had something.

Hovering somewhere between rock ‘n’ roll and 90s punk, with dashes of grunge and metal thrown in for good measure, Mother Leads has a flavor that doesn’t really come around so often anymore. The richness of their music, and the thoughtfulness which they give their lyrics cannot be found in much of today’s Top 40. You can check out their music here.

Neil, the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist, is soft spoken off stage, but get him behind a mic and you’ll find it hard to equate the two. A rich timbre that is also well practiced in the sometimes sharp tones of rock, Neil’s additional talents as Mother Leads’ most prolific lyricist make it clear he’s something of a powerhouse.

Ray is constantly moving, and his energy shows off and on his drum kit. What he does behind a kit almost can’t be called sitting: such speed and precision deserves a better title. A skilled percussionist, his layering of tempo and texture makes what he does far more than just keeping a beat.

The newest member of Mother Leads, Jordan, joined in 2013. Multi-facited and multi-talented, Jordan’s skills on the bass have added a richness that sets Mother Leads’ instrumental component apart as more than just a collection of power cords.

This year is full of excitement for Mother Leads. With summer coming, festival season starts up again. Between playing playing Canadian Music Week on May 6th and 7th in Toronto, jamming outdoors with collaborators such as Womb, and talks of a cross-Canada tour in the works, Mother Leads has a big summer ahead.

Talk about Top of the World.

For more on Mother Leads, check out their website, or follow @motherleads on Twitter and Instagram.

Like what you hear? Vote for “It’s a Feeling” for the CBC Music Song Search.

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