On…. A Bunch of Stuff.

I have a problem, lovely readers, though perhaps problem is the wrong word.

I have a dilemma.

The job that I have acquired is pretty fantastic. I mean, I get to spend my day puzzling out how-to things for a company I really enjoy working for. I get to write things. I work with some really great people, in an industry I’m really interested in.

My dilemma, my readers, is that at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen with text on it.

The most common advice from authors to aspiring authors is “write every day” and I understand why. Of course I do. But I write all day at my job, and when I get home, I want to do other things, like game, and hang out with Husband (who is still in the US, but that’s another story). I’ve also fallen behind on my journaling, which is a shame. I suppose the argument could be made that I’m out living life, and am therefore too busy to journal, but I’ve always been able to make time for journaling before this. I’m not entirely sure what’s changed.

I could say that I’m busy, and it would be true. I spend three hours a week with a personal trainer, and two additional hours at the gym. Then, this weekend, I spent six hours just exploring Ottawa (where I am living now). Add into that commuting time (1h/day), living things like chores and food prep and sleep, and work (8h/day), there’s not a lot of time for journal-ing and writing.

But those are all excuses, and I know it. I could spend an extra hour writing if I cut into my time doing other things. Heck, I could bring my journal on my walks with me and pick a random spot to write. But I wonder, sometimes, if I’m just scared of what’ll happen if I do write every day, and I just…. don’t get better.

The logic of, “If I don’t try, then I didn’t fail – I just didn’t do it.” But that’s failure right there, too, and of course I know it.

I’m playing a D&D campaign with friends right now, and using it as sort of a testing ground for one of my leading ladies in the novel I’ve spoken about a few times. And it’s great. I’m learning so much about her, and fleshing her out, and giving her actual weaknesses instead of making her perfect. I have a habit of doing this. Just ask my favorite English teacher, circa Ajax High. If something isn’t perfect, I want to make it so, even my characters. And that’s just not practical.

The point is (as I reign in my tangent) I need to stop striving for perfection in my writing, and just bloody do it. You may have noticed the severe lack of posts (sorry, guys), but I have made a commitment to myself, and I’ll make one to you, too. I’ve even made it official (just check out my spiffy URL!). I’m here to stay – at least once a week. Even writing once a week is an improvement, and it’s a step in the right direction towards what I was doing before (good lord, did I really post 3x each week?!).

So, that said, here’s my commitment to you, my lovely, patient readers.

1. I will post once a week.

2. I will accompany my posts with a photo from my wandering adventures (like the one above!)

Wish me luck.


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