Hello, reader.

This is not the clean, professional bio of a well-established author. It is the creative, free-flowing bio of a writer who is slowly coming to terms with the things she needs to work on to be successful. Because of this, this bio doesn’t include a whole lot of facts and figures about how she’s published in X magazine (because she’s not), or how she once won Y award for her magical prose (because she hasn’t). Instead, this bio will introduce you to a person who’s working hard to become the writer she knows she can be, if she just puts in the effort.

In an attempt to be that author, this author graduated from U of T with a degree that’s been marginally useful. This disappoints the author sometimes, as she can no longer joke about how useless her degree was (though, perhaps, the Philosophy part was a little ill-advised). She also got most way through a college degree in business and cooking, for which she is very proud.

At the moment, this author works writing for a marketing team and for a video game. She used to write technical documentation, teach ESL, work in a kitchen, worked retail, teach music…. you get the idea. She also blogs (semi) regularly, and is getting back into the habit of writing fanfic. She got out of it for a while, and she might share the link to her FanFiction.net profile if you ask nicely and promise not to laugh.

She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband, and two adorable ginger kittens*.  Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure. The top one, if you’re wondering, is Fred. The bottom is George.

*As of this posting, they are still under a year old, and the author feels she can therefore call them kittens without any objection.
2016-02-24 21.39.54
The author may have been heavily influenced by Harry Potter growing up. 

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