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Something about roads we don’t take; or, Life Goes On

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about life, and my expectations for it. I think about all the things I’ve done, and how much I feel like I’ve slowed down. How much I’ve “grown up”. I’ve got a grown-up job, a husband, a car, and a house. I’ve got stability. Hell, I have back… Continue reading Something about roads we don’t take; or, Life Goes On

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“You know when you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

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The Quarter-Life Crisis

My friends and I are turning 25 this year, and many of us are experiencing what has been dubbed a quarter-life crisis. The quarter-life crisis is defined by an utter lack of knowing what you’re doing with your life despite the best intentions to the contrary, and a keen sense that you need change to happen.… Continue reading The Quarter-Life Crisis

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When I first started my undergraduate degree, I had my sights set on graduate school. I was flying high on the fact that I had gotten into a competitive program abroad, and was sure of my brilliance and excited for the challenge of academia.  My first year of university was amazing. My professors were supportive, my… Continue reading Decisions

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Guest Post: Helping Abroad with the Keno Sponsorship Program

Hello, friends! Today I have for you a guest post from my oldest friend, Crissy Payne. I’ve known her since kindergarten, and she’s always been the sort to get to know others, and get involved in the world. During her BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) at Ryerson University, she was given a choice – do… Continue reading Guest Post: Helping Abroad with the Keno Sponsorship Program

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Not Safe, Not Sorry

My husband and I have embarked on a pretty cool adventure. I’m both terrified and excited. As of Sunday, we moved out of our apartment, and store our stuff at my parents’ house. We have driven down to New York to visit my in-laws. We’ll be sort of using their house as a hub, from here visiting… Continue reading Not Safe, Not Sorry

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Confessions of a Marshmallow

Hello. My name is Jacinta, and I am a Marshmallow. From its initial airing in 2004, I was in love with a TV show called Veronica Mars. Despite my hectic schedule, I always, without fail, made sure to be home for its airing, and took over the family living room to watch. But what was… Continue reading Confessions of a Marshmallow

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On Addiction

Every time I drink any amount of alcohol – be it a martini with friends, or a white Russian at home with my husband, or, back when I was single, a single glass of wine with supper – it scares me how easily and how much I could be an alcoholic. I hate the feeling… Continue reading On Addiction

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News Time, and the obligatory New Year Post.

Hello, dear reader. First, thank you all for your patience the last few weeks. I’ve been working on the same 50SoG chapter since I finished the last one – I kid you not – and it still isn’t done. Not from lack of trying, but for a lack of patience. I literally have not been… Continue reading News Time, and the obligatory New Year Post.

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Welcome to Culinary

I have been a busy, busy girl. Good things only, though, I promise. First, I went to a special Hospitality orientation, and we had a group of industry people come in. After their little chats, there was an opportunity to ask questions. My favourite question was as follows: Question: What do you do to cope… Continue reading Welcome to Culinary